Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jolly Green Bean Giant

The other day, I wanted to serve my little guy his first actual meal.  I gave him a meat ball and two apple quarters and wondered what else I could give him that he could pick up and eat.  I looked in my fridge and saw a tupperware of green beans from my own dinner the night before.

When I started on this baby food making journey, I bought fresh produce for my little guy.  But when it came to green beans, I prepared both frozen and fresh.  He liked the fresh decidedly better.  And I can't blame him!  After all, I've never been a fan of frozen green beans.  I love them fresh, but when it comes to convenience, I'm a canned green bean kind of girl.  I bristled at the thought of feeding my little gourmand canned beans, but then I reminded myself that in just a few short months, that is the type of green beans he's most likely to eat!  I don't buy frozen green beans for my husband and I (neither of us cares for them), and I only prepare fresh green beans for special meals, when I have the time to snap them and prepare them the way my grandmother does: "fried" in bacon fat with onions and bits of crunchy bacon!  My little guy's 10 months old now, so I felt he could handle the canned beans, and, like I said, I have to be realistic.  I'm not going to continue making him a special meal, and I won't pressure myself into snapping fresh green beans nearly every day (yeah, we eat green beans a lot)...better now than never!

So, I pulled out the tupperware of beans, and tossed about 10 on my son's tray.

And he loved them!

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