Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Smashed Blueberries

I had some blueberries leftover after the latest Crazy Cooking Challenge and couldn't think what I wanted to do with them.  I didn't have the patience to make more muffins, nor did I want to boil them, as I did for baby food puree, to use in my son's cereal.

So I washed a couple and tossed them on his tray with his lunch one day.  He tried one and made a face and that was that.

The next day I stirred a few into his oatmeal, thinking that it was the berry skin that bothered him, and if I could mask that, he might just take it.  No dice.

However, each time I scooped up a spoonful of oatmeal with a blueberry, he'd reach out and try to take the berry off the spoon.  Finally I relented, letting him pluck the fruit out of the spoon.  I plopped it into his mouth and made a face at the texture.  Then he started to chew.  And then he made the same face I made the first (and last) time I was dared to eat a lemon slice!

A-ha!  It made sense!

When the berry burst in my son's mouth, he didn't like the instant tang or the juicy berry explosion!

So I took each blueberry between my thumb and forefinger and gave them a squeeze!

And not only did that make it easier for my son to pick up, but he gobbled those berries up!

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