Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Baby's Baked Apples

Yet another revisit to one of my son's favorites!  Apples!  As with my entire baby food making journey, I figured that the natural progression to finger foods would be to bring back all those tasty purees in a revised texture.  Since I've already found what my son loves, likes, and merely tolerates, this seems the best way to get him used to "big boy food"!

As with the pureed apples, I peeled and cored my apples.  I cut each apple into fourths and popped them in the Beaba, just to steam.  You can click on my link above to see my steaming method, or you can use your own.

Once steamed and cooled, I stored my apple slices, two at a time (so, half the apple) in a Beaba storage container.  When ready to serve, I cut each apple quarter into pieces my little one could pick up easily, which happened to be about 6 to 8 chunks per quarter in my case.

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