Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This Month: Fondue Party

My husband and I met just over ten years ago.  For our first Valentine's Day together, we were also facing the beginning of a long-distance relationship, just a few months after our first date.  We were both Active Duty Navy and he was transferring to another state.  He asked what I wanted to do for Valentine's Day, and, longing to do something different, I suggested fondue.  He made reservations, we had a lovely evening, and the next day he left for Ohio.  For Valentine's Day two years ago, we had a toddler and I was weeks away from my due date with baby number two.  We opted to stay in for dinner, and I took it upon myself to recreate that first Valentine's meal.  I know it seems strange to post a Valentine memory in September, but it's the perfect date night meal for a crisp autumn evening!  Enjoy!

Honey Mustard
Spicy Thai Peanut
Chipotle Aioli

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