Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Monkey Fingers

I don't know what baby doesn't like bananas.  Nor do I know a mama who doesn't love the convenience a banana provides!  When it came to finger foods, these were the first thing that popped to mind!

I started simple.  I cut medallions of banana, then cut those into bite-sized pieces, and gave them to my son.  Didn't work so well.  They were pretty slippery, and grubby fingers couldn't quite get them from tray to mouth.

So, I got thinkin'.  And I came up with monkey fingers.  I simply took a half a banana and cut it into quarters length-wise.  Voila!  Monkey Fingers!  Larger pieces that my little one could easily pick up and bring to mouth, and I wasn't worried he'd try to bit off a chunk too fat for his little esophagus.

As we graduated to Stage 3, I simply peeled half the banana and broke it in half, giving my son both pieces.  He'd gobble them up, learning to take bites and gum each bite until he could swallow!  Easy peasy!

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