Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Did you know?

As food bloggers, we all get a little excited when we're featured on someone else's site.  And we smile when we receive emails from readers that they tried our dishes or that they're dying for just the right time to make our recipes.  But I'll be honest, I'm a little leery when people tell me that they pinned my meal on Pinterest.

Except that I just learned something pretty neat!  You perpetual pinners probably already know this, but I just got the memo!  Did you know that you can track who's pinning your stuff?  As long as the pin originates from your blog (i.e. someone didn't see it featured somewhere else and pin in from that site).

Just type[yourwebsitehere]/ into your address bar and see which of your fabulous dishes are getting pinned and repinned!!

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