Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Few More Features

I'm so sorry that I'm tardy in thanking some wonderful bloggers for featuring my recipes on their blogs recently!  We've had a busy few weeks (well, really since the beginning of February when I made an unexpected trip to the Midwest for my grandmother's funeral...and then a two-week visit from my mama which was already scheduled but perfect timing to keep her mind off things...and then several social events that we'd already committed to).  I'm hoping for a calm(er) spring, but we'll see!  Until then, thanks again for the features, and if you missed these recipes the first time around, please check them out again here!

Cod with Artichoke and Basil, featured at Miz Helen's
Honey-Glazed Salmon with Fig and Cranberry Vinaigrette, featured at Savory Sunday and Tastetastic Thursday

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