Friday, December 16, 2011

Festive Egg Nog

Guess what?!  This is my 100th post!  And to celebrate the occasion I'm sharing the most famous holiday beverage ever...with a fabulously tasty twist!  Who doesn't love egg nog?  Isn't it just perfect to snuggle up with your sweetie and a roaring fire and watch classic Christmas movies, like Miracle on 34th Street?!  I'll admit, egg nog on its own can have an interesting taste, so try it this way and you'll be pleasantly pleased!

2 quarts good quality egg nog (generally, if it comes in a glass jar/bottle, that is what I'll buy. This year none of that was available, so I chose Bud's of San Francisco)
1.5 quarts vanilla bean ice cream (or a full 1/2 gallon, if that is the size of your favored brand)
2 cups brandy

In a large pitcher or punch bowl, dump the entire container of ice cream.  Pour egg nog and brandy over the ice cream.  Allow ice cream to melt, stirring occasionally to mix the flavors and richness!

Pour (ladle) into mugs and sprinkle nutmeg over top!

Enjoy with a Santa Hat!

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