Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa "Hats"

I decided to offer you each a little Christmas gift this month...extra recipes!  I hope you don't mind!  After all, I figured everyone loves to see something that is a holiday theme, right?  So on Fridays until Christmas, the plan is to post a little extra something to put you in the holiday spirit.  Turn on your Christmas music and get in the kitchen...I promise these aren't hard!

Some time around age 10, my mom started a new tradition of a Christmas Tree Trimming Party at our house.  I'm fairly certain she got the idea (and recipes/meal plan) from Southern Living, but I can't be certain.  The dessert idea was called Santa Hats and involved an upside down sugar cone.  Over the years I've adapted my own version with the same flavors but a different look...

Waffle ice cream cones
Peppermint ice cream
Cool Whip
Peppermint sprinkles

Place a whopper of a scoop of ice cream in each waffle bowl.  Top with a dollop of cool whip (bonus if you can somehow make it look more like Santa's hat).  Sprinkle the sprinkles on top (that was a fun little sentence!).  Voila!  Too easy, as my husband would way!

Of course, if you wanted to make this treat the way it was originally written (again, I think it was in Southern Living, but I'm not sure and therefore certainly have no idea which issue it might be located)...

Use sugar cones.  You might dip them in melted red candy melts, for a more authentic look.  You might even press a marshmallow on the top of the "hat" as well as along the bottom (wide end of the cone) for a border.  Or use the whipped cream in a can.  Choose your poison!  Place the inverted cone on top of a scoop of the ice cream.  There you go, the traditional Santa Hat that actually looks like Santa's hat!

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