Monday, June 1, 2015

This Month: Meals on Wheels

Growing up military, my mama taught me to always look out for my friends and neighbors.  She's from the midwest, too, so hospitality runs deep in her veins.  Anytime a neighbor was sick, a friend had had a baby, or someone had lost a loved one, Mama was the first person to head to the grocery, pick up a bunch of throw-away foil containers, and pack up a meal for a family in need.  And she didn't just stop at a dish of lasagna or a basket of muffins.  Mama made the whole meal!  It was delivered completely cooked with instructions on how to reheat.  My husband's in the military too, and we've lived 3000 miles away from family, so I know how it feels to feel helpless and need someone to look out for you.  I know what it's like to have a newborn plus a toddler and no family around, freshly home from the hospital and wondering how you'll get food on the table.  Or right after a foot surgery when hopping on one foot and hobbling on crutches just don't mix with cooking.  Or when you've just moved and nothing's unpacked and there's no food in the fridge.  Here's an easy meal you can whip up and deliver to anyone who might need it.  The bonus is that everything doubles easily, so you can make dinner for your own family at the same time!

A Bottle of Wine

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