Saturday, February 1, 2014

This Month: Be Mine!

It's February!  The month of romance!  This year, my husband and I are actually celebrating twice!  Lucky me!  He'll be taking me out to dinner this coming weekend, and on the 14th, I'll cook at home.  But we also have two little guys to think about, so while I wanted to come up with a special meal, I also knew I'd need something relatively simple since I'd be in class all day, come home to hungry toddlers, and have to feed a ravenous husband once he gets home from work.  I'm not breaking out our china, as I did back in the days before kiddos, but I did want to set our kitchen table with a festive theme and serve a romantic-ish meal.  Enter steak!  My favorite, my husband's favorite, doesn't make a huge mess in the kitchen, decadent but simple.  Perfect for Valentine's Day at home!  Of course, I didn't want the same old thing, so here are some great twists on the old stand-by of steak, potatoes, and salad.  Bon appetit!

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