Sunday, January 1, 2012

Looking Ahead...

Happy New Year!!!!!

I don't know about you, but I'm a big fan of scheduling posts waaaay in advance!  It gives me a little more freedom in that if my menu plan doesn't quite work out the way I'd originally planned, it's ok, since I probably have something waiting in the wings.  It also allows me to come up with a few "theme months" that go with the season, even though I may not have actually made that perfect plate of Game Day food on Super Bowl Sunday!

So where am I going with this?  Well, basically that I already have a good chunk of this year's posts mapped out, if not already written and placed on the docket ready to go!  Check out what's coming up and what yummies you have to look forward to:

January:  Healthy dishes that are kid-approved!  Fun ways to sneak a veggie or two into a picky eater's tummy...and the bonus is that the grown-ups will like it too!  No more making a different meal for each member of your family!

February:  I start out the month with a few Asian dishes.  Starting on the 22nd (Ash Wednesday) I share some favorite meatless meals for Lent.

March:  More meatless options for you fellow Catholics to try out during Lenten Fridays!  Bring on the seafood!

April:  One last meatless dish, and after Easter something "on the lighter side" as we move into Spring!

May:  Tasty meal-sized salads as we welcome warmer weather and get ready for bikini season!

June:  What's on the grill?  Perfect summer dishes to enjoy on the deck!

July:  Tasty breads:  some breakfast options to start your day off on a sweet note and a couple that are the perfect accompaniment to a delicious meal!

August:  Fabulous summer desserts that are the ultimate way to cool off after a sweltering day at the beach.

September:  A continuation from February's Asian dishes.  More favorites, starting with the absolute best dish I learned how to make when I lived in Japan!

October:  We've done desserts; how 'bout amazing appetizers?  We're gearing up for the holiday season, so some of these might just segue into that theme...

November:  Family favorites that can feed a couple or a crowd.  Freezer friendly and fabulous for left-overs.  What more could you ask for after a long day of Christmas shopping?!

December:  Who's ready for the holidays?  I'll be featuring a different Christmas cookie or sweet treat every week!

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  1. Wow, you are so super-duper organized! Only recently did I get around to creating a spreadsheet of my recipe ideas so that I don't forget them, but I like the idea of creating a schedule for my posts. I'm really looking forward to your kid-approvded series. Always looking for new meal ideas for my 2yo :)