Tuesday, December 27, 2011


My son's been eating quite a bit of fruit over the past several weeks, so I wanted to reintroduce him to green veggies.  Many of my favorites, however, produce gassy babies or are hard to digest, so I wasn't quite ready to try those.  I do love zucchini, however, and even though it's a summer squash, there were some good looking fresh ones at my grocery!

According to Momtastic, the skin of summer squash is not too difficult for babies to digest, but more sensitive babies might get an upset tummy, so use your own judgement when deciding to peel the squash or not.  Boiling and  steaming retain the most nutrients, but zucchini can also be sauteed in a tiny bit of olive oil.  Regardless, summer squash is super easy to prepare!

Step 1: Lop the ends of the squash and cut into inch-thick disks. 
Step 2:  Toss the zucchini into a steamer basket over 1/3 -
1/2 cup water.  I made four zucchini and had to do two
batches in the Beaba.
Step 3:  Steam, reserve the cooking liquid (you shouldn't
need it for thinning), and puree.  The color of the puree will
depend greatly on whether or not you skinned the squash.
My four zucchini made six servings.

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