Thursday, October 6, 2011

Carrot-Finger Food Dip

Here's this week's tasty Halloween recipe!  Enjoy!

Veggie Dip (make your own or buy your favorite, but you'll want a pretty thick consistency for this to work)
4 long carrots
1 medium carrot
Sliced almods
Baby carrots

Fill a serving bowl with the dip.  Wash and peel the long and medium carrots, and trim as needed to resemble the length of fingers (the medium carrot will be the thumb).  Using a paring knife, cut a flat shallow notch at the tip of each carrot.  Use a dollop of veggie dip to "glue" on an almond finger nail to each.  Arrange the "fingers" in the dip as shown.  Serve with plenty of baby carrots for dipping (so you don't mess up your spooky design)!

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